Do you want to be a judge?

You can be a judge at Green Challenge 2019 Here, you can read about what it means to be a judge and how to apply.

What does it mean to be a judge at Green Challenge?

Being a judge at Green Challenge is a fun and inspiring way to be updated with the newest knowledge in technology. You will hear about a lot of exciting sustainable projects, which you will be one of the judges of. At Green Challenge, we give out awards to the best projects in different categories, including ”Best Bachelor project” and ”Best Master thesis”. 

We need you to be a part of our judging panels and assess the students’ projects. Each judging panel will consist of a representative from the business community, a representative from the political community or other public personality, a teacher from DTU and a student from another Danish university or DTU.

Being a judge means that you will read the project descriptions in advance and take part in the conference, where you will assess the projects. We will send the project descriptions and further details to you a few weeks before the conference.

The project descriptions are in English. On the conference day, the students present the Bachelor projects in Danish and the Master theses in English.

How do I become a judge?

If you want to be a part of our Green Challenge judging panel as a representative from the business community, please apply using the following e-mail: Green Challenge will be held on June 28, 2019.


"Green Challenge is real 'Think Out of the Box'. Here, you see new ideas, which give rise to both reflection and the lust for just bringing these ideas to life. It is all driven by a contagious commitment from all involved." - John Finnich Pedersen, extern consultant, FirstMind Aps, communications director, Siemens.


"As Director of a green company, which works partly with RD&D (research, development and demonstration) and partly with development and buying of start ups, Green Challenge is an amazing opportunity to meet new young talents as well as potential start ups." - Henrik Poulsen, Director, INSERO.


”Green Challenge is an important place in question for the creative innovative capacity, which sustainable development depends on. The many well-considered projects both inspires and can be the beginning of new operations and products, which could solve global problems. You leave Green Challenge in high spirits from the participants’ good energy and ingenuity.” – Anna Mette Monnely, Head of Sustainability, NCC


”Green Challenge is simply so in inspiring to take part in, so much energy in the building with all students presenting their projects. At the same time, it is super interesting to walk with judging panels, where discussions – rather short, but still inspiring – about the projects we are assessing, open your eyes for other ways to see the projects. Often they have international perspectives as well, as the group of 5-6 persons often include people from international universities. So, I set aside the last Friday in June each year for this event at my old school!” – Frank Broderseb, Senior Vice-president, Partnership & Environment, HOFOR


”Green Challenge gives good energy, insight in the newest ideas in green research and the opportunity for meeting Danish and international specialists. A perfect day.” – Nina Movin, CEO, Mønsted


”It was very inspiring to see all the creative and well-considered solutions to solving UN’s Global Goals. I was confirmed in the fact that we, the engineers, are key operators in making the world more sustainable.” – Thomas Damkjær Pedersen, President, IDA


“Fantastic! It’s a great pleasure to serve as a judge at DTU’s Green Challenge. The students are inventive, visionary, talented, cooperative, focused—definitely top marks” Margrethe Vestager, chairman of the Danish Social Liberal Party.


Mette Marie Christensen
Student worker
Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs

14 DECEMBER 2018