Meet Flemming Besenbacher

We have invited Flemming Besenbacher to present the awards at this year's Green Challenge on DTU. But who is he and what has he to do with sustainability?

Flemming Besenbacher has been board chairman for Carlsberg Foundation since 2012, a foundation founded by J.C. Jacobsen in 1876. Other than developing the production of beer "into mere perfection", Flemming is also doing Carlsberg Foundation with the aim of supporting primary research on high international level in natural science, social science and the humanities to benefit the society. This is his main task today.

In relation to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Carlsberg Foundation was hosting a symposium in 2016, in which the goals were discussed within a Danish perspective. Flemming Besenbacher supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals on behalf of Carlsberg Foundation and says:

"Sustainability - economical, socially and environmentally - has always been a cornerstone for Carlsberg Foundation and our founder, J. C. Jacobsen. Carlsberg Foundation therefore supports the UN's Sustainability Goals and wants to take part in reaching the goals in Denmark before 2030. The foundation has great focus on Scientific Social Responsibility and demands that all licensees reflect upon the public utility of their research and explain the results' significance. The symposium "Sustainable Global Development" is a small contribution to the work of discussing and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals".

Meet the sustainable Besenbacher at Green Challenge 2018. We are looking forward to it!
15 AUGUST 2018