Meet Kirsten Brosbøl

This year we have invited Kirsten Brosbøl to welcome the participants on DTU June 22. But who is Kirsten Brosbøl and why have we invited her to Green Challenge 2018?

We encounter Kirsten Brosbøl's passion for climate and environment in 2014 as she becomes Denmark's new Minister for the Environment. But where sustainability really breaks through is with her initiative to form a network, which shall help disseminate the Sustainable Development Goals in The Danish Parliament and in public.

To, Kirsten Brosbøl says:

"With the network, we wish to create a forum for a wide and including debate about the Sustainable Development Goals, which involves us all. If we are to reach the goals, it takes action on all levels. The network gives us a platform for collaborations with for example the civil society, business and others with the same interest".

As Minister of Environment, Kirsten Brosbøl has worked with green sustainability and for her it is important not to downgrade the green Sustainability Goals.

"I believe the goals about climate and biodiversity for life on land and below water are specially urgent (...) As previous Minister of Environment, I know that we have a lot to offer in the green area. With international water crisis, renewable energy and ecology, we have both experience, technology and good relations, which makes it obvious to focus on this".

We are crazy about Kirsten Brosbøl's initiative and we are looking forward to welcoming her on June 22!
15 AUGUST 2018