Assessment criteria

All projects for the Green Challenge student conference are assessed according to the same criteria.

All projects are assessed according to the following criteria. As project assessment is based on an overall assessment, it is a good idea to have the criteria in mind when writing your abstract. On the conference day, the projects are assessed at several stages by panels of judges. You can read more about the actual conference presentation under ‘Preparing your presentation’.

The projects are solely assessed in relation to other projects in the same category. The criteria are listed below.

  1. Is the project well-structured and clearly communicated?
    Is there a clear thread running throughout the presentation, does the presentation stay within the allotted time frame, is there cohesion between the visual and oral presentation and is the message clear.
  2. To what extent is the project likely to have a positive environmental or energy impact?
    Does the project demonstrate the extent of the environmental benefit and whether it is realistically feasible? We recommend using methods to support the probability of a positive environmental or energy impact.
  3. To what extent is the project technically applicable and likely to be realized?
    Is the project realizable and can it be implemented within a reasonable time frame? How probable is it that the technology can be applied in the desired manner?
  4. To what extent is it visionary and/or innovative?
    Is the project innovative? Are the findings surprising?
17 OCTOBER 2019