Join Green Challenge 2018

The registration for Green Challenge 2018 is now open and the deadline is on wednesday May 16th 2018. You kan register here.

Problems with the registration? Follow the guide below.

1. Register yourself as a single person or as a group, if you have been working more than one person on the project together.
Tutorial 1

2. Add a title. Write a short and inspiring title for your project. The title will be used in the conference material.
If you are adding a group member to an existing project, pick "Choose existing team" and search for the name of the project.

3. Fill in your personal information. You can choose between both male and female models for the T-shirt. Leave DTU study number blank, if you are not a DTU Student.


4. Write in which course you have worked on the project. It is fine if you have worked with the project outside of the course as well. Just write where it started, and who was the supervisor.

5. Write on which level you worked with the project (Bachelor course etc.). Choose a topic that your project covers. The different topics are based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Remember to let us know if you need additional floor space. 

6. Copy/paste a short description of your project into the field "Summary". Upload an abstract. It is fine to upload a draft or just a blank page right now. Just remember to deliver the final abstract before May 17th. Remember to follow the template for abstracts.


If you need to make corrections within your abstract after you have uploaded, you have to use the link which is send to you in your conformation mail, when you have completed the registration.

Contact Green Challenge

Tlf.: 45251194
21 OCTOBER 2018