Green Challenge—DTU’s student conference on sustainability, the environment and climate technology was held for the first time on 25 June 2010.

Around 220 students spread across 93 projects rose to the challenge and registered for one of the Green Challenge’s four academic levels when the student conference was held for the first time on 25 June 2010. Some students presented their projects at a poster session, others at a laptop session—while others still presented technical artefacts etc. at a free style session. The many interested guests had ample opportunity to learn about the students’ projects and findings, and in a few fortunate cases this led to some students being offered project positions by businesses.

In the afternoon, the projects were assessed by several panels of judges comprising politicians, representatives from the business sector, teachers and students. Each individual project was assessed in relation to technological applicability, innovation, teaching potential and communication—and of course whether sustainability, climate technology or the environment was an integral part of the project.

The best projects were awarded prizes by Minister for Climate and Energy, Lykke Friis, at the official prize ceremony. The main prizes of DKK 25,000 went to the best BSc and MSc project, respectively—with DKK 5,000 awarded for the best MSc thesis and final BSc project.

This award ceremony was followed by a reception for conference participants, other DTU staff and students with beer sponsored by Grontmij | Carl Bro—followed by a barbecue in front of Oticon Hall. As a conclusion to the competition, D-A-D put on a memorable concert.



15 NOVEMBER 2019