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DTU organizes Green Challenge (GRØN DYST) because it is becoming increasingly important for future generations of engineers to integrate themes such as sustainability and the environment - in much the same way as economics, for example, is an integral part of many DTU projects. Watch this video from Green Challenge 2018 and feel the good vibes. Next Green Challenge will be hold June 26, 2020.

Green Challenge is an educational initiative at DTU. The aim is to ensure that engineers integrate aspects of sustainability, climate technology,
and the environment.

Green Challenge is your opportunity to test your idea and challenge your presentation skills. Futhermore you can win prices from the total
prize pool of 240,000 DKK.

Think big - Think new - Think green

Every year, the work of incorporating green and sustainable initiatives into DTU teaching culminates in a major Green Challenge student conference. This is your opportunity as a student to present your green study project or idea for a project in sustainability, the environment and climate technology.

Be seen and heard
Green Challenge is not just a competition offering the chance to win cash prizes, but equally a day where students can showcase their projects and visions for professionals working on the same problems.

This is your chance to crystallize your ideas and visions. It is not every day that you have the opportunity to command the industry’s full attention, get professional feedback and develop a new network in your future field. The conference concludes with a barbecue and live music.


Want to join in?
To participate, you must have developed a project whose theme is sustainability, climate technology or the environment as part of your studies at DTU. The manner in which the theme is incorporated into the project is entirely up to you. You can participate with specific product ideas such as an eco-friendly mobile phone charger technology, optimization processes or research findings. All DTU students are encouraged to participate with green projects, regardless of study programme or educational level. The conference is also open to overseas guest students at DTU. Hear more about Green Challenge in Green Week the 11 - 15 November 2019.

A beginning of a journey filled with success
When you participate in Green Challenge you get an unique opportunity to showcase your project for fellow students as well as students from other universities, industry professionals, politicians and professors. You can get inspired from other students and built a network, which can lead your project further than you had imagined here.

Why you should participate!

Become Green Ambassador

Read about, how to find your project, choose topic, write abstract, apply for patent and sign up for Green Challenge.

Read about the assessment criteria, how you can prepare your presentation, tips and tricks and our Pitch workshops.

Find examples of previours projects. Here you can get inspiration for your project. 

Here you can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Green Challenge.
25 JANUARY 2020