Previous Green Challenge

Green Challenge has been held several times amidst widespread acclaim and positive feedback. On these pages you can gain an overview of previous Green Challenge conferences, including participants, winners, abstract books and films of the day itself.

Seeing so many different disciplines taking on ‘clean-tech’ was really inspiring. I had great discussions with our neighbouring stand, and a few of the other stands. And the beer and BBQ afterwards was great.
Student, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

It was very motivating that the judges were highly respected people from both industry and politics, and the fact that there were great prizes, too. Keep that for next year and I will definitely present a new project and put even more effort in it.
Student, Electrical Engineering

The interaction between participants was the highlight of the competition for me. Lots of quality ideas. It was wonderful to walk around and learn from the other participants.
Student, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
17 OCTOBER 2019